COTS has been providing financial aid and project management services for multiple construction projects under a direct assignment arrangement to create new access roads, bridges and drilling platforms.  This arrangement has proven to be very lucrative and adds diversification to our  revenue model in Mexico. We have joined forces with first class oil and gas service companies, working together to deliver a one stop solution to the end user Pemex, the state owned oil and gas producer. Our combined efforts have resulted in construction projects being successfully completed in record time, proving that new  technologies, compliance and strict project management can deliver results. Flexible pipe spooled technology can be installed more quickly than traditional steel line pipe and can be installed in all types of terrain. The steel reinforced flexible pipe will not weaken in the presence of water and is anti-corrosive. The unique structural integrity offers a tough and environmentally friendly pipeline that will ensure production for many years to come. Our ESP’s create high quality, environmentally safe solutions by applying state-of-the-art technologies, strict quality management controls and superior service. Our detailed process, application knowledge and our “hands on approach” has earned us the confidence of our ever growing number of customers to ensure that each ESP is running at the highest efficiency.

Vision Statement

COTS is moving forward with a new vision, hard-working, driven, and a dedicated team united by a commitment to deliver innovative and practical solutions both domestic and internationally. Our shared objective is to responsibly deliver next generation of products and services that will improve performance, efficiencies and cost effective solutions. We deliver superior reliability and focus on continuous improvement.

The future is what we make of it.

Serving the Oil & Gas Industry

Over WaterFlexible pipe in swamp waters.Over Water
On LandFlexible pipe gathering line.On Land
TransportFlexible pipe reels being transported.Transport
RehabilitationUtilizing existing lines with flexible pipe to increase production.Rehabilitation
Construction BeginningTerra 114 - where we started.Construction Beginning
Elevated Access RoadAfter hauling 200,000 metric tons of sand we have the base road access.Elevated Access Road
Platform ConstructionTerra 114 - over 15 kms of pipe driven down for platform support.Platform Construction
Road ConstructionAccess road to platform.Road Construction